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Smart homes

Smart homes with assistive technology provide older people and people with disabilities greater independence, safety, and peace of mind.

The term ‘smart home’ refers to a set of systems in which devices and appliances can be controlled remotely, via connection to the internet and allows the user to control and function the devices which communicate with one another. These include devices such as thermostats, lights, security systems and much more, all via mobile phone or any other networked device.

Having shifted from a nice-to-have to a necessity, for those
who live with accessibility challenges, smart home assistive technology can be a powerful enabler that allows them to live a more independent and empowered life.


GMH Solutions is a CARETEQ Preferred Partner for the SOFIHUB range of solutions which includes TEQ-Home, TEQ-Secure, and Eazense.


SOFIHUB is transforming the landscape for professional and in-home caring. The ability to monitor and respond to in-care residents and loved ones in an emergency has never been easier with CARETEQ's assistive technologies. These products deliver reliable, intelligent, and holistic solutions that enable aged and healthcare providers, and carers greater functionality and resources to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those in their care.

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TEQ-Home is an ambient, assisted-living smart technology, designed to promote the well-being and independence for the ageing and people with disabilities. TEQ-Home utilises non-invasive motion sensors to detect anomalies in routines and alert family and carers when help is needed. Powered by SOFIHUB, TEQ-Home provides time-based messages and medication reminders, and occupancy-based messages to help users with their daily lives. 

$1,199 incl GST

+ $20 incl GST SOFIHUB subscription

Per device / per month

TEQ-Home icon


TEQ-Secure is a 3G/4G GPS-enabled safety wearable pendant that provides two-way voice communication, live fall detection, and SOS alerts to multiple emergency contacts. It also provides live location monitoring and uses geofencing technology to alert carers and family when the wearer ranges beyond the perimeter. Powered by SOFIHUB, it is ideal for people and their carers who seek peace of mind, or avid adventurers looking for safety.

$559 incl GST and first year of SOFIHUB subscription


+ $66 incl GST SOFIHUB subscription after first year

Per device / per year

TEQ-Secure icon


Eazense employs radar technology with AI to provide continuous non-invasive monitoring, allowing care resources to be managed efficiently and emergency responses to be initiated in a timely manner. This passive solution doesn’t require the patient to wear or do anything and can monitor a range of events including fall detection or movement patterns. Where anomalies are detected, carers receive notifications, allowing for an immediate response. Non-invasive monitoring of vital signs is currently being developed.

$799 incl GST plus installation


+ $10 incl GST SOFIHUB subscription

Per device / per month

Note: Installation costs will be based on your requirements and quoted at the time of purchase.

Eazense icon

All CARETEQ products require access to the SOFIHUB portal to function. SOFIHUB is a cloud-based data capture tool and user interface that seamlessly integrates with TEQ-Home, TEQ-Secure and Eazense. SOFIHUB can be accessed through computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Your subscription covers all data usage and access to the SOFIHUB online monitoring and configuration portal.

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CARETEQ is an Australian company with a focus on delivering health and aged care technology solutions for a global audience.

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