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Energy generation and management systems


UPS and Generator Systems

We provide customised and individually designed UPS and Generator systems to suit specific power requirements, ranging from individual computers to critical areas within hospitals or data centres. We have significant experience with installation and maintenance of other energy management and energy cost reduction systems such as Power Factor Correction.

Solar and Battery Systems

We’re also Clean Energy Council accredited, with a team of qualified installers capable of designing and installing state-of-the-art, accredited solar systems to ensure quality and reliability of energy production. We can supply a range of options from custom, off-grid, battery and hybrid systems to large-scale, commercial systems.

EV Charging

We design, install and maintain EV charging systems using networkable and cloud based dynamic load management systems that enable safe power distribution to the vehicle whilst ensuring the building and grid infrastructure aren't overloaded.  



Electrical and communication works for commercial, health, medical, education, Government, and domestic clients


Power Systems

Fault finding, switchboards, motor control systems, safety switches, smoke alarms, single and three phase testing and tagging. 


Lighting Systems

Lighting control and automation with programmable systems, CBUS, DALI, emergency and NEXUS lighting, sports field and park lighting. Daylight harvesting and integration of sensor systems to building management through HLI.



Phone system installations or repairs, structured cabling data systems, fibre optic cabling and splicing, integrated communication systems, MATV, and IPTV.



We can apply the latest generation of thermal imaging technologies to a comprehensive range of professional and commercial activities.


Energy Analysis

Our specialists can help you track, analyse, and plan your energy requirements to ensure optimal efficiency and sustainability. 



Patient Area Electrical AS/NZS 3003, Safe Use of Electricity in Patient Care AS/NZS 2500, equipment supply, maintenance, and repairs


We are a leader in maintaining biomedical and specialist equipment, along with focusing on electrical compliance for patient areas.


With safety being paramount for all Patient Electrical Areas, our highly trained team can be relied upon to ensure the electrical infrastructure within any Patient Area is installed, altered and commissioned accurately. We complete all required testing and commissioning practices to the requirements of the relevant standards before providing compliance and energising these sensitive areas, giving peace of mind to our clients.


Because accurate and reliable operation of biomedical electrical equipment is critical for all medical and health facilities, we have a dedicated team to provide specialised biomedical electrical sales, servicing, and maintenance. With general equipment and endorsed manufacturer training, we can confidently assure safe and reliable operation of an extensive range of specialist equipment for your facility.


Assistive Technology

Intelligent solutions providing fall detection, time-based messages and medication reminders, occupancy based monitoring and alerts, and SOS alerts to multiple contacts.


Smart homes with assistive technology provide older and disabled Australians with independence, safety, and peace of mind. Having shifted from a nice-to-have to a necessity for those who live with accessibility challenges, assistive technology can be a powerful enabler that allows them to live a more independent and empowered life.


Smart plugs, smart lighting, smart security, smart speakers, smart thermostats, smart window shades, smart garage door openers, smart health monitoring. The possibilities are limitless. In the near future, smart homes and assistive technology will take care of you rather than you taking care of your home.


GMH Solutions is a CARETEQ Preferred Partner for the SOFIHUB range of solutions which includes SOFIHUB, TEQ-Home, TEQ-Secure, and Eazense.

Assisitive Technology
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