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Electrical – Switchboard inspections

Switchboard Inspections and Compliance Checks

Recently a government organisation has requested compliance checks to be completed on all switchboards at their regional facilities, with the intention of ensuring safety and operational function and compliance with relevant electrical standards.

We proceeded to create a very detailed reporting process which aligned with their infrastructure requirements, provided checklists and electrical standards. All inspections were scheduled with disruption and isolation permits approved for each switchboard at each site which allowed our technicians to complete their work whilst having minimum disruptions to each site.

We followed to provide defect rectification lists for all sites which covered items from High, Medium and Low risk and had further meeting with the customer to clarify any concerns they might have had. The customer was immediately able to action repairs to the High risk items through GMH Solutions and other contractors, then follow to have the Medium and Low risk items managed by their internal maintenance departments.

We pride ourselves with always maintaining a very high level of communication throughout the entire process of works, where we endeavour to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs and concerns, then follow to keep them updated with all relevant information.


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