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Electrical – Reducing interruptions to your business

Installing new services within operational buildings and facilities can be challenging, especially when this work can cause major disruptions and safety considerations for everyone within them. At GMH Solutions, we understand the importance of minimising disruptions whilst maintaining general services and completing the work safely.

In the photo below, our staff are carefully drilling a hole through a concrete fire wall between two sections of a local hospital which will allow them to install new essential power services to nearby patient areas.

During the work, ensuring the appropriate preparations, approvals and final sign-offs are obtained is critical. Some of these include:

  • Finding an appropriate location to make a penetration in the pictured fire wall.

  • Completing a survey of the local area, noting all fire alarms, sensors and services that could be affected.

  • Filling out a fire alarm isolation permit, disruption and isolation permits and having them approved by the appropriate site manager.

  • Scheduling the work to drill the holes in the fire wall within the permit’s allocated time requirements.

  • Ensuring the fire alarms are isolated and all relevant people are aware of the work which is taking place by liaising with the appropriate managers before starting work.

  • Completing the drilling work, making suitable penetrations through the fire wall, clean the area up and remove any debris.

  • Advising all relevant people that the installation works are complete and normal building operations can be undertaken again.

  • Marking on plan, where the penetrations are located and also marking the cabling passing through the penetrations.

  • Advising the fire penetration specialist of what type the penetrations are and where they’re located, allowing them to complete their role of sealing and certifying the holes.

  • Passing the certification documentation to the client, confirming that the new fire penetrations are completed properly and the facility will be safe during any unfortunate incident of a fire.

Make sure your service provider or installer is completing work within your building safely and to maintain compliance of systems, or if you’re looking for a company that can, contact us today!


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