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Dermatology – VECTRA whole body 3D imaging system installation

Biomedical equipment installation and patient area electrical


Queensland Health – Dermatology


Services provided

We assisted with installing a VECTRA skin analyser in a dermatology department of a major health facility.



We were required to alter the patient area electrical systems in which the system was being installed and provide speciality compliance of the systems.


Our solution

Designed specifically for dermatology, the VECTRA WB360 whole body 3D imaging system captures the entire skin surface in macro quality resolution with a single capture. The fully integrated software allows clinicians to map and monitor pigmented lesions and distributed diseases of the skin. Other applications include documenting pigmented lesions, psoriasis and vitiligo.


Client benefit

  • VECTRA WB360 produces a single, accurate high-resolution 3D image

  • On-board proprietary xenon flashes, tuned to whole body skin imaging

  • Patented 3D cross-polarised lighting improves lesion assessment

  • Simplified and standardised patient photography

  • Minimised photography time

  • Reduced patient anxiety


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