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Queensland Health – UPS upgrades

Cairns Hospital Intensive Care Unit Recovery Bay UPS Replacements and Upgrades


Queensland Health


Services provided

GMH successfully provided Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) design and upgrades with decommissioning of the existing systems and commissioning of new systems, providing critical power services to Theatres, Intensive Care, Birthing, Maternity and Medical Imaging.



As systems and technologies change both hardware and software of electronic equipment within the existing UPS machines at the hospital had become redundant. These machines were not able to receive any software updates and there was no replacement equipment available to maintain the machines and ensure their continual safe and seamless operation.


Our solution

We evaluated new UPS options to determine what would be best suited to the areas supplied by the UPS, taking into consideration the load capacity and specific area requirements supplied by these machines. We worked closely with the manufacturer’s engineers to ensure these machines would provide the required service and outcome for the client. We worked closely with the hospital management and staff to provide the required upgrades without causing major disruption to critical operational services. During upgrades, specific critical areas affected such as operating theatres, medical imaging and intensive care were consulted with and notified of these interruptions.


Client benefit

Successful integration of upgraded critical power systems whilst maintaining operation of critical areas and providing patient safety.


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