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Specialist Equipment – Medical pendant maintenance

Annual routine inspections and safety checks

Routine maintenance is vital for accurate operation of equipment along with maintaining compliance and safety, we pride ourselves in delivering thorough routine maintenance inspections with very detailed reports.

We’ve been engaged by a group of local major hospitals to complete annual routine inspections and safety checks on the medical pendants at each hospital, in areas such as ICU, SCBU, Operating Theatres, CCU and Endoscopy. General operational maintenance was completed during the inspections and safety checks, where the pendants adjustment and guidance systems were assessed and calibrated which ensured they moved, braked and held position safely.

Whilst completing this our technicians also noted general wear of parts which could potentially cause the hospitals future problems relating to infection control and follow to create greater maintenance costs if not actioned. These items were provided in a report to the client who approved the additional repairs and we’ve proceeded to complete the works, saving the client further cost in break downs and removing any future safety concerns.

Workstation Pendant

ICU Room Pendants


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