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Office Lighting – Automated wireless systems

Smart lighting control and energy efficiency

We’ve recently been working closely with Eagle Lighting and Organic Response, to upgrade old and outdated lighting control systems for commercial and government clients. We’ve both designed and installed new lighting management and automation systems developed by Organic Response which operates by using a wireless sensor and receiver system and is managed by a simple yet impressive cloud portal.

The Organic Response lighting management systems are an adaptable, intelligent and future proofing choice when it comes to lighting automation and control. The system also provides amazing features such as zone controlling, daylight harvesting and can also interlink to third party management systems such as a BMS (Building Management System) through a cloud managed HLI (High Level Interface) to allow single system management of additional features within a building such as its HVAC or Air Conditioning Systems.

Please give us a call at any time, as we’re more than happy to lead you in the right direction with all of your lighting control, automation, and other building management requirements.


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