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Queensland Government – Electrical safety program

Safe Schools Electrical Safety Program


Queensland Government – Multiple primary and secondary schools in the Cairns Region


Services provided

GMH Electrical Contracting provide auditing and verification services for the Queensland Government, having been requested to review multiple state school electrical systems and provide additional safety systems or various upgrades as required by the most recent version of the General Electrical Standards of AS/NZS 3000. These works generally include upgrading non-compliant or hazardous switchboards, installing suitable safety switches or circuit protection, testing and verifying all electrical systems and providing comprehensive test reports.



Unfortunately, due to outdated electrical safety systems, standards and legislation, young trade workers were consistently harmed or fatally injured within school buildings due to electrical incidences. As soon as the recently updated General Electrical Standards of AS/NZS 3000 were released, the Queensland Government acted upon these issues and implemented immediate remedial works where all schools were assessed and repaired accordingly.


Our solution

By providing compliance with the associated standards, we have ensured safety for all people within schools including children, parents, teachers and trade staff.


Client benefit

The reassurance that all electrical systems within each school completed by our company are compliant and safe.


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