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Electrical – Meeting Australian Standards

Ensuring electrical safety of your equipment and machinery


Singularity Computers


Services provided

Singularity computers are a leader in designing and building custom, state of the art liquid cooled and creatively designed computers that have unmatched levels of performance. All of the design and some of the key components are completed in house, in Cairns! The owner of the company recently purchased a new CNC routing machine and control system which was shipped in from overseas, where we where then asked to ensure that the system was safe, could be connected and tested.



Sometimes electrical equipment purchased from overseas can pose risks relating to poor workmanship or construction, inadequate safety or electrical switching systems and can be somewhat confusing for anyone who doesn’t have a great level of understanding for relevant electrical standards or equipment operation. Fortunately our team were able to evaluate what was needed to safely connect and operate this machine and its operating components without any trouble to ensure a safe working product for the client.


Our solution

Our team reviewed the specifications of the equipment, installed cabling and other safety control measures required by AS/NZS 3000:2018, the Australian Electrical Standards and ran the system to ensure correct operation. Everything worked in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and the equipment was successfully commissioned.


Client benefit

We provided reassurance to Singularity Computers that the systems were commissioned correctly and their staff could operate the machine safely and in accordance with Australian Standards.


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