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Pathology – COVID analyser installation

Maximising the potential of real-time PCR testing in a molecular lab


Local major health facility


Services provided

We assisted with the installation of a new COVID analyser to increase the capability of real-time PCR testing in a molecular lab within the pathology department of a major health facility.



As healthcare faces increasing labor shortages, evolving regulations, and new players entering the market, laboratories are looking for sustainable solutions that can increase throughput and deliver reliable results fast.


Client benefit

The Roche cobas® 6800 System is a fully automated solution with high-throughput, that can drive laboratory efficiency in a number of ways.

  • Fully integrated

  • Completely automated

  • High throughput and maximum walk-away time

  • Run up to 864 results from an eight-hour shift, and up to 1,440 results in 24-hours*

  • Gain up to 8 hours of walk-away time* with just 3 user interactions per run

  • Streamline resource-intensive applications such as viral load IVD monitoring, blood screening, microbiology testing and women’s health

  • A broad and growing assay menu

As the first high-throughput, fully integrated laboratory automation system with a broad menu, the cobas® 6800 System allows labs to experience real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology like never before.

*May vary based on workflow demands.


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